Speech to AFL-CIO: Love brings people to Iowa

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(Photo: Dana and Brent Roske in Des Moines) Transcript of speech to be given to 61st Iowa AFLCIO Convention, August 24, 2017:

“Governor Tom Vilsack was born in Pennsylvania and former Gubernatorial candidate and Iowa State Senator Jack Hatch was born in Connecticut. Like them, I was born elsewhere and came to Iowa later in life. I was born in Minnesota and my brother and his family are in Kansas City, but here’s the phrase that I come back to over and over again: love brings people to Iowa.” Read the full transcript here

Oscar winner Richard Dreyfuss Endorses Candidate in Iowa Governor’s Race

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Hollywood Reporter: ‘In a statement delivered to THR on behalf of Roske, Dreyfuss confirms his choice for the top Iowa post. “The people of Iowa might look for years for a candidate as bright, committed, and independent in truth and behavior as Brent Roske. I have no doubt in the decency of Brent, in the fierceness of his desire to serve, and for his ability to be truly bi-partisan in his approach,” Dreyfuss said in the statement.  Read more at Hollywood Reporter

NBC ‘The Insiders’: Gov. Candidate Brent Roske

DES MOINES, Iowa — Candidate for governor Brent Roske sat down with Political Director Dave Price to discuss his campaign and decision to run as an independent and his views on other political leaders. “If you went into a bank and half the tellers were teamed up against the other half, and their first job was to make the other team fail, their second job was to make their team win and their third job was to manage your money you’d probably take your business elsewhere. That’s how our government operates.” Watch on WHO-IOWA NBC13

USA Today: Filmmaker Brent Roske making independent run for Iowa governor


Brent Roske, a filmmaker who has produced journalistic and fictional works about Iowa politics, says he’s running for governor in 2018.

Roske, 42, announced his candidacy last month, and formed a fundraising committee with the Iowa Ethics & Campaign Disclosure Board late last week. He will run as an independent.

In a statement announcing his candidacy, Roske said he’s running to promote “a more inclusive and transparent politics.” Read more at USA Today

DMReg: A early peek at Gov candidates


“Roske described himself as a progressive, adding he agreed with many of the remarks made by Democratic speakers. As governor, he said he wouldn’t sign any bills until the Legislature first put a bill on his desk addressing water quality issues. He added that single-payer health care is inevitable and he will support it.” Read more at Des Moines Register